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Add a New Family Member

When the time is right to add a new pet to the family, adoption is a great way to find a fantastic pet. All potential adopters go through a rigorous vetting process including application, vet check, meet-n-greet and a home visit. 


With the Covid-19 Pandemic going on we are still doing adoptions, but safety comes first. Our rescue is based in the Metro Detroit area, and all prospective adopters must live within the state of Michigan.


Help Us, Help Them is 100% foster and volunteer based and does not have a physical shelter building. This means each animal is in an actual home with a foster family gaining the skills it needs to be a great family pet. Once you submit your application, it may take up to 2 weeks for someone to get back to you. We appreciate your patience and restraint from sending multiple emails.

Help Us, Help Them asks that potential adopters save any questions, comments or concerns for the initial phone interview. Phone calls, private messages on facebook and mulitple emails will not be responded to. We are all volunteers and promise to get back to you within a timely fashion.

The adoption application must be completely filled out, a vet check must be completed by our team, as well as a phone interview before we do a 'Meet N Greet.'

How To Apply:

If you're interested in adopting one of our available dogs:

1. Complete the Adoption Application below.

2. You may complete it ONLINE via our google form or if you prefer, download and print the application, fill it out, scan it, and then email it back to If you do not have a scanner, please take a picture with your phone and send all attachments in one email.

3. Please make sure to call your vet to grant our organization permission to do a vet check on your current and past pets.

4. If you are interested in more than one dog, please list your top 3 choices on the completed application.

5. Please be honest and truthful on your application. We always do a vet check. We always do a home visit. We always have both the prospective families and dogs best interest at heart!

To see the list of dogs we have up for adoption click HERE

Or check out our social media on Facebook.

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